Love Note #43: Even beer writer Ryan Hudak has his favorites — Memphis Taproom

Ryan Hudak
Favorite Spot: Memphis Taproom
Neighborhood: Fishtown

Address: 2331 E. Cumberland St.

I am: I’m 30, happily married, and I write about beer for my blog, In Search of Beer.
Years in Philly: 5
Current Home: We are renting a home in Fishtown and currently in the midst of searching for a place to buy in the same neighborhood.

My love note: As a local beer writer, Fishtown is perfect for me. I live within walking distance of five great beer bars and, if you get a little more liberal with walking distance, I can make many more. Even with all the selection at my fingertips, though, I find myself returning to the same place on a regular basis: Memphis Taproom. Not only is their tap list always interesting, but their bottle list is out of this world. And they don’t just rely on their great beer, but they also deliver on one of my other favorites: great food. Their upscale pub food always does the trick for me. Whether it’s a longtime favorite like fish and chips, or something completely surprising (smoked coconut makes a very convincing substitute for bacon), and from the smoky, meaty Port Richmond Platter to the fried pickles that my wife and I insist every out-of-town visitor try, there’s never a bad meal at Memphis and there’s always a quality beer to help it along. Throw in owner Brendan, who clearly loves what he’s doing, and Keith, my favorite bartender in the city, and there is no place I’d rather be. It also helps that about 90% of the time I go there, I can always count on running into a friend.

In the summer months, their beer garden is a must-visit. While it doesn’t offer the same selection as inside the bar, the stationary food truck with their gourmet hotdogs and canned craft beers make sitting outside under the strands of lights with a cool breeze the perfect summer moment. And after that moment is over, you can go back inside and get some fried pickles.

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    Every year – for the last 5 years, I think – my neighbors and I have been going to Memphis the week of New Years for what we consider our end of the year blowout – an afternoon of a ridiculous amount of beer and food. It started innocently enough as some of us wanted to try the place after one neighbor had rave reviews. Now it’s a “thing” and the best way to end the holiday season before we all commit to healthier living. We’re usually the rowdy group of 10 or so and I think the staff has finally gotten used to us.


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