Love note #41: Molly Eichel and crew love Oscar’s Tavern

Molly Eichel
Favorite Spot: The back right table at Oscar’s Tavern
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: 1524 Sansom Street

I am: Philly-born journalist at the Daily News who loves this town probably more than is healthy
Years in Philly: 8, add 12 if you count the surrounding ‘burbs.
Current home: Bella Vista

My love note: Choosing Oscar’s took me a long time, there were so many other options I could have considered: the Italian Market, Towey Rec Center right off the Berks El stop (featuring my fave mural in the city), the public pool at Marion Anderson Rec Center in Grad Hospital, Koch’s Deli in West Philly, but my heart screamed back right booth at Oscar’s, a dingy dive bookended by terrible bars on a street that perpetually smells like stale piss. Why? Because I always know when I can find my friends sitting at the back right booth. And because of Dee the Waitress. She knows my name, she knows my drink, she shows us her vacation photos every time she dares leave us, she brings us snacks and holiday treats. But most importantly, when my friend broke her leg and had trouble sitting at a squished table, Dee made sure that we had that back right booth every time we wanted it. That’s kind of what Philadelphia is to me: It might smell like aged urine, but it’s always got a table waiting for you.

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