Wander beautiful Delancey Pl with Dana Marston

Dana Marston
Favorite Spot: a small residential block of Delancey
Neighborhood: tucked behind Rittenhouse Square
Address: Delancey between 20th and 21st

I am: vintage lover, blogger, stylist, gardener, painter, antique dealer
Years in Philly: 9
Current Home: After living in various Philly homes for 9 years, I call outside of the city home and wander between the burbs and the beach stopping in the city along the way.

My love note:

Dear Philly,

Your proximity to the ocean and the country has always been a draw to me. In just an hour, one can easily change the backdrop to the rolling farms of the country to the west or the crashing waves of the ocean to the east. However, it is city blocks like Delancey that speak to your history as the cornerstone of our nation.

Marble thresholds with 200 years of subtle wear tell a story of all who have passed through the home. Floor to ceiling blown glass windows call to a fading trade with every wavy pane. A place to tie up your horse and scrape your boots… Random width hardwood floors… Carriage houses around back… They just don’t make ’em like this anymore, Philly.

Love, Dana
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2 Responses to Wander beautiful Delancey Pl with Dana Marston

  1. Holly

    I used to live in Fitler Square and walked down Delancey very often. I loved strolling through the neighborhood and gazing at the beautiful homes. We live in the burbs now as well, but I will always remember the great experience I had living in the city for a year. My husband and I talk about moving there when we’re empty nesters.

    • Emma

      That whole neighborhood is beautiful. It was a pleasure having a reason to go there and take pictures. You should definitely come back to the city. Or at least visit often!


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