Tom Petersen takes us wandering through Carpenters Woods in W. Mt. Airy

Tom Petersen
Favorite Spot: Carpenter’s Woods and its environs
Neighborhood: West Mount Airy
Address: Corner of N. Mount Pleasant Road and S. Mount Pleasant Road

I am: Loving husband, father of three, and environmental consultant. I can’t get enough hiking, biking, reading and chess.
Years in Philly: 18 months in West Mount Airy
Current Home: Cheltenham Township for past 20 years



My love note: I know Carpenter’s Woods mostly from its proximity to my former home in West Mt. Airy and its use for dog walking (it’s known locally as Carpenter’s Woofs), however, it is also a prime birding spot.

Walking from the modest and friendly row homes of Wellesley Road past the old stone homes surrounding the park, imbibing the sweet aromas of spring flowers, and then entering the solitude of the Woods was a favorite jaunt of mine in the early 90’s. The diversity of the people and places in the neighborhood makes for a rich mix of sights and sounds. The area has remained largely unchanged for decades. I invite you to spend an afternoon with or without your dog in Carpenter’s Woods.



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  1. HannahFP

    How nice. Good neighborhood 🙂


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