Love Note #20: Elfreth’s Alley

Martha Fried-Cassorla
Favorite spot: Elfreth’s Alley, the oldest, continuously occupied street in the United States

Neighborhood: Old City
Address: Between Arch St. and Race St. right off of Second St.

I am: A mom, wife, psychologist and aspiring singer (as my nephew says)
Years in Philly: I’ve been in Philly since ancient times, actually since 1975
Current Home: Melrose Park, which is north of the city by about 3 blocks

My love note: It might be a bit unusual to like a place which is pretty touristy. However, when you are there, especially in the early evening, and you walk down the cobblestoned street and look at the houses, you can picture yourself living in nineteenth or even eighteenth century America. Perhaps it brings out the Luddite in me – but I like the feeling of a complete lack of technology and a sense that everything that was created there had to be created by hand with simple tools. I’d love to time-travel back to 1776 and live on that street!

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  1. World History Edison H. S.

    Well, your better looking than your Dad. Sorry about personal but your Dad it’s like me. I’ll get a picture of this location but it’s a cementery on second under Ben Franklin Bridge. It’s an unmarked grave site of the man that started the Marine Corp. I like to go there because the Marines and 1967 to 1974 mean a lot to me.


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