Love Note #15: Reach Sporting Goods Factory

Christopher Wink (,

Favorite spot: Reach Sporting Goods Factory

Neighborhood: Fishtown
Address: 1701-1707 Tulip Street, 1721-1731 Tulip Street, 1714-1718 Memphis Street

I am: Co-founder of local technology news site Technically Philly
Years in Philly: First came in summer 2004 for Temple University, became permanent resident summer 2006.
Current Home:  Fishtown

My love note: I love Fishtown because its roots are coiled and twisted and immovable. I have owned my home for not quite three years and have only been living in Philadelphia since 2004. For my neighbors who talk about their time in Fishtown through generations, my months status is paltry. When I ride my bicycle or walk past the Reach factory on Palmer Street, across a parking lot from the swanky Memphis Flats, I am reminded of what is great, a rootedness that is also facing a kind of experiment of change, of trying to have new blood and old families coexist and make a better home together. I am excited to be a part of that.

(Top photo by Chris Wink)

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  1. Vanessa

    i just love this place…my all time favourite
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