Love Note #14: South Street Bridge

My love note: I was pissed when they removed the first South Street Bridge, thus altering my bike route to work. And then…and then when I saw the new one I was ok with those two years of detours. It is an absolute pleasure to bike to and from work with that spectacular view. Every day and every hour is different. Sometimes it’s just so pretty I pull my bike over and lean over the railings and just watch my city

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4 Responses to Love Note #14: South Street Bridge

  1. Chaucee

    Wow it’s stunning at different times of days! I love how you captured the light differently each time.

  2. Kaitlin Bear

    love love love

  3. Leighalice

    for all of philly’s good qualities, i don’t usually count being aesthetically pleasing among them. thanks for changing my mind with this post. the city looks downright sexy from these photos.

  4. suba suba

    So that as why this piece of writing is amazing. Thanks!


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