Much love goes out to the Flyers from Brian Lipstein

Brian Lipstein
Favorite Spot: Wells Fargo Center (Flyer’s Games)
Neighborhood: Sports Complex, South Philly
Address: 3601 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA

I am: Brian Lipstein, CEO and Founder of Henry A. Davidsen: Master Tailors & Image Consultants
Years in Philly: Born and Raised
Current Home: Manayunk


My Love Note:

Dear Flyers and the Wells Fargo Center,

I have had the fortune to experience your organization in more ways than the average Philadelphian. Your team, for as long as I can remember, plays for the emblem on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back. The teams over the years have all shown incredible heart and pride in being part of the Philadelphia hockey tradition. Because of this, you are incredibly engaging to watch and I have formed lasting relationships with what have become dubbed as “the best fans in hockey!”

Beyond this, I have had the fortune to grow up with an inner working knowledge of the team and relationships with your leaders. Mr. Snider has developed an organization that is more like a family. Employees of the team are proud to work there, which in turn delivers a great experience to the fans. Growing up surrounded by this mentality, I have incorporated these principles into my own business and approach with my employees.

From this inside look at the institution I have had the opportunity to get to know the team’s front office, as well as some of the players, and actually work with them in my business. As I idolized you guys as a child, it’s pretty neat to be able to have personal and professional relationships with you as an adult. From the GM to the players, you are all real people that don’t let celebrity status go to your heads. You care just as much about the fans as we care about you.

Now if we could only get back to playing hockey. I know the Flyers players would love nothing more than to be on the ice and it’s not their decision to not be playing. I cannot wait to see the team skating again, banging the opponents into the boards and scoring highlight goals. The roar of the crowd inside the Wells Fargo Center brings goose bumps to my skin and I can’t help but get choked up hearing Lauren Hart sing “God Bless America” side-by-side with Kate Smith. The emotional connection I have to that arena is unmatched.

The Flyers have been one of the most dominant, well-respected franchises in all of sports since their founding in 1967. Though I’ve only been around to see them since 1984, and can really only remember as early as 1987, the tradition and love that surrounds this team has been cemented in my life and continues to grow year after year. See you on the ice soon boys!

Much Love,
Brian Lipstein

(Alas, I couldn’t take pictures of an actual game because, well, there are none this season)
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