A note to the beautiful art deco Post Office building by Leah Kauffman

Leah Kauffman
Favorite Spot: US Post Office Building
Neighborhood: Market East
Address: William Penn Annex, 900 Market Street

I am: Executive Entertainment & Lifestyle Producer at Philly.com.
Years in Philly: 8 wonderful years.
Current Home: Old City


My Love Note:

Dear US Post Office building,

You’ve probably heard this before, but you are an Art Deco knockout. I love your rounded corners, impressive collection of bas reliefs, and the way you briefly distract me from the long, lazy line to the ticket window where I will finally be able to purchase a double-sided book of 20 limited edition stamps.

I love to close my eyes and bathe in the echoing sounds of a clerk hurriedly typing, a customer absentmindedly licking an envelop, and the clacking of heels on your ageless marble floor.

You remind me of a time when people dressed up just to do simple errands, and the words ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and ‘excuse me’ were still a part of our collective vocabulary.

I often think of the complicated arteries behind your walls that somehow deliver bills, greeting cards, and love letters to millions of people around the world. You make me feel that there is order.

Never change.

Love always,

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