Gluten be damned. Polly Math’s love note to South Philly Tap Room’s grilled cheese

Polly Math
Favorite Spot: South Philly Tap Room
Neighborhood: Newbold
Address: 1509 Mifflin St.

I am: A Central Jersey transplant who is happy to call Philadelphia home. When I’m not out exploring the city, I can usually be found putting things together such as furniture, food, parties, and words. I am healthysapien. I am also ridiculous.
Years in Philly: Part time starting in 2003. Full time since 2007
Current Home: Grays Ferry


My Love Note:

Dear SPTR Grilled Cheese,

Gluten be damned, I love you. I shouldn’t admit it, but it’s time I told you everything. It’s time I told the whole world.
I know I’m weak. I tried staying away, but my pitiful attempts were laughable. I tried ordering other things on the menu, each time thinking it will be different like, “How about the wild boar tacos?” or “Maybe I’ll have the roasted beet salad.” After all, pork is usually my apple from the tree of life, and same for any sweet, sweet beet dish. And yet, they always fail to distract me. Before I can stop myself, I hear the words tumbling from my mouth, “Grilled cheese with tomato lager soup, and a side of mac and cheese please.” Damn it! I did it again. But deep down inside I always know it would be stupid of me to order anything else because I’d just be thinking about you the whole time. 

You’re always there for me; my late night savior to settle the sloshing, my morning after relief to give me balance, and my fuel during the workweek to keep me going. Nowhere else in the city can I get satisfaction like this. Sorry, but I must be honest… I’ve tried. I mean, three cheeses between thick pieces of sourdough bread, grilled, stacked, and melting into the plate next to that bowl of soup ready for dunking? You kill me! And when the gooey cheese flows like lava from the bread, binding to the mac and cheese to make that perfect union of a bite? I’m powerless and starving. Starving for you.

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