“Each standing facade offers a glimpse into our shared past” (Jill Weber)

Jill Weber
Favorite Spot: Old Store front at 18th and Fitzwater
Neighborhood: Graduate Hospital
Address: 18th and Fitzwater

I am: An archeologist married to an inventor, wine enthusiast and owner of JET Wine Bar and REX 1516 – both on South Street West
Years in Philly: From Michigan City, IN, but 20 years in Philly
Current Home: Fitler Square


My Love Note:

Dear Streets of Philadelphia,

I love your old bones. I adore your peeling paint, patched stained-glass windows, and bricked-in doors, windows, and archways. I am drawn to the juxtaposition of your historical remnants with renovated and renewed structures in testament to what was, and the potential of what is to be.

At the SW corner of 18th and Fitzwater stands an old, but sturdy, building. It’s central entry door and symmetrical, large windows draw me in to imagine and reconstruct the history of this now-uninhabited space. I imagine it must have been a store, maybe like my grandfather owned with groceries in front and a soda parlor in back. Who came here? Ladies in hats, perhaps? Kids getting candy on their way home from school ? Maybe young couples meeting over a sundae on a first date.

Each standing facade offers a glimpse into our shared past, and is full of possibilities for the inevitable future.


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  2. LA

    Just found this in a photo search – it used to be a Funeral home!


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