Look at your town in a whole new light as you drive over the Walt Whitman Bridge (by David Goodman)

David Goodman
Favorite Spot: The view at night from midway across the Walt Whitman Bridge
Neighborhood: South Philly

I am: A writer/artist/geek who is a regular contributor to the blogs Geekadelphia and The Quarter Bin. I also spend entirely too much time reading way too many comic books.
Years in Philly: My entire life
Current Home: The suburbs (their not as bad as you might think)


My love note: Ever since a very early age, I have had a love affair with cities, Philadelphia in particular. I distinctly remember going into Philly for a class trip in grade school and immediately falling in love. The sounds, smells, sights; it all fascinated me no end. Ever since, I have taken every opportunity I could to go into Philadelphia and drink it all in.

But as you can imagine and probably know already, Philadelphia has a lot of less attractive qualities too. It’s noisy, some neighborhoods are downright dangerous, trash is everywhere and an encounter with a typical Philly resident can be a decidedly “unique” experience. But that has never stopped me from enjoying Philadelphia and talking it up to anyone who will listen.

When making my case for Philly, the one thing I tell people more than anything is that if you want to see Philadelphia at its best, at its most beautiful and peaceful, you need to see the city at night. With all the windows of the buildings lit up and the traffic going up and down Broad Street and I95. And the best place to do that is from the Walt Whitman Bridge.

There is something about a city all lit up, gleaming in the night that is both romantic and mesmerizing. I think it might be because all the problems and shortcoming of the city in question somehow disappear, replaced by this shining beacon of what we as people are able to accomplish. And more than most, Philadelphia fits that description perfectly. When seen at night, you don’t think of all the problems Philly has (and we have many), you just see the beauty of what we as Philadelphians have built and how it continues to evolve and grow as we do.

So the next time you’re going over the Walt Whitman at night coming home from the shore, take a look to your right and see Philadelphia at it’s best. It will make you look at your home town in a whole new light.

(I couldn’t get photos of the bridge at night. You’ll just have to see for yourself)
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    So happy I found your blog! Beautiful photos and your posts are so well written:)


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