Brian Lim’s love affair with UPENN’s Class of 1923 arena

Brian Lim
Favorite Spot: Class of 1923 Arena at the University of Pennsylvania
Neighborhood: University City
Address: 3130 Walnut St.

I am: 26 year old bridge engineer & burger blogger who grew up with NYC as the home city and has been falling for Philly quickly.
Years in Philly: 3 years (2 in the area, 1 in city limits)
Current Home: Fishtown

(Brian, #9)

My Love Note:

Dear Class of 1923 Arena,

When I’m not climbing bridges, crawling through tunnels, or shoving burgers down my gullet, I’m thinking of you. You may not have the best ice, but when I set foot on it and knock around a frozen piece of rubber, I have no worries in the world. All my stress is gone. We may only see each other once a week but the time we spend together is something I always look forward to.

I hate to tell you that we have to break up once Spring is here, as I pick up my seasonal relationship with another local partner, Wissahickon Skating Club.

Brian Lim

(From L to R, Sarah Baicker, Brian Lim, and Thad S.)
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2 Responses to Brian Lim’s love affair with UPENN’s Class of 1923 arena

  1. Bob Bruhin

    It’s a pretty nice rink, even if you just like to skate around in circles to music, too. Not as romantic as the open-air RiverRink, maybe, but there are public skate times five days a week all year long.

  2. Marshall Yang

    not all year long


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