The best block in the city? 18th Street near Rittenhouse according to David Neff

David Neff
Favorite Spot: 18th Street in Center City
Neighborhood: Rittenhouse
Address: 18th Street, between Chestnut & Rittenhouse

I am: David Neff, President of Neff Associates and a huge fan of all things Philadelphia has to offer!
Years in Philly: Life long resident
Current home: Rittenhouse


My love note:

If you love food, cocktails, cool retail and life the way I do you’ll love the center of the Rittenhouse Universe — 18th Street, between Chestnut & Rittenhouse. Where else on earth can one find great restaurants like Serafina, akitchen, Rouge and PARC, to name a few? Sue’s Produce Market if you’re staying in for dinner, Anthropologie to pick-up a unique item for the home and Kiehl’s for all your skincare and beauty needs. The finishing touch on 18th Street is the charm of all the old school little shops like the Apothecary, the Florist, the Cobbler and the Fish Monger. These tiny stores – all independently owned – add a dimension to a growing retail environment that I hope never ends. 18th Street is my favorite numbered street in Philly. 

And to add to this great food and retail environment, the street is anchored to the west by the most glorious square of all squares: Rittenhouse. I walk my doggies, Dylan and Daisy, multiple times a day down this beautiful corridor I call my home and enjoy it for all it’s worth, regardless of season.

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  1. Jenna

    I love that florist! Although after years, I still don’t know the name of the shop. Any help?


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