Cindy and Mark Baum-Baicker spread their love across three Chinese food restaurants

Cindy and Mark Baum-Baicker
Favorite Spot(s): Square on Square; Charles Plaza; Han Dynasty
Neighborhood(s): Rittenhouse Square; Chinatown; Old City
Address(es): 1905 Chestnut St (Rittenhouse Square); 234 N 10th (Chinatown); 108 Chestnut St (Olde City)

We are: A professional couple, 59 and 60 yrs old, who have lived and loved Philadelphia for 37 years. We live on Rittenhouse Square and in Upper Bucks County

Cindy-and-Mark-Chinese-Food-1 Our Love Note: Philadelphia is a walking city and an eating city–with more choices of Chinese restaurants than there are choices on a Chinese restaurant menu! What could be better? Depending on the weather and our mood, most weeks we have a dinner at a Chinese restaurant. We appreciate these 3 spots for different reasons: Square-on-Square: top quality ingredients, predictability, and proximity to Rittenhouse Square; Charles Plaza: tasty healthy food choices, the walk to Chinatown, and engaging, friendly, and helpful personalities of the proprietor and staff; Han Dynasty–Handy Nasty to those in the know: Szechuan to the intensity of our palettes’ whim, and the long walk to and from Rittenhouse Square on a lovely evening.

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    thanks for sharing..

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    I guess Selma Baum in Florida is your mother. I live in Georgia and every time she buys something from Saks Fifth avenue, I get the email. Please tell her to correct her email address at the store. Thank you.


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