Brian Shumsky loves the great Northeast

Brian Shumsky
Favorite Spot: Northeast Philly

I am: Jewish (non-practicing), biker and member of the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia, Phillies fan, active member of the Northeast community. I hope my love letter will inspire everyone in Philadelphia and outside Philly to have a much appreciation of our city’s culture & history like myself.
Years in Philly: I am a born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia (25 years)
Current Home: Fox Chase


(all photos via NEast Philly, Ryerss Museum above, photo by G.E. Reutter)

My Love Note: For starters, the thing I love most about Northeast Philly has to be Pennypack Park. I remember growing up as a child and having barbecues at the Pine Road section of the park. I still enjoy riding my bicycle in the park. It’s like a home away from home. I always enjoy going to the park to take photographs of the beautiful trees, ducks, flowers, and any other wild life I may come across.

I also love our rich Northeast culture. Sometimes I wonder where I would like to purchase my first home, but I think I’ve know all along. I’d like to live either in my current neighborhood of Foxchase or a little further up by Grant and Bustleton Avenue. Either way, I’m staying in the Northeast for sure. I LOVE it here and you should too.

Northeast: isn’t it a beautiful place to live and work!

(Verree House by G.E. Reutter)
(Pine Road Pavillion by G.E. Reutter)
(Verree Dam by G.E. Reutter)
(St. Hubert’s)
Brian Shumsky Northeast Philly
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  1. Bob Bruhin

    Wow. This is a side of Northeast Philly I have completely failed to experience. Need to fix that right away!


  2. Carol B Walsh

    Hello Brian
    I am not on facebook or other social media sites. I heard you started a petition regarding the apartment building complex in Fox Chase on Rhawn St. I need to sign this petition and can help you to obtain signatures. How can I get this petition?
    Thank you
    Carol Walsh


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