Brew in Newbold. Heaven for a self professed coffee addict and beer snob like Sarah Baicker

Sarah Baicker
Favorite spot: Brew
Neighborhood: Newbold
Address: 1900 S. 15th St.

I am: Talker/writer/editor of Flyers content on Comcast SportsNet and Master cupcake baker. Creator of little green dinosaurs.
Years in Philly: 13 (with a big gap in between the first eight and most recent five, for adolescence, college and grad school)
Current home: Italian Market


My love note: There are many generalizations to be made about those who work in news. My favorite – and the one that is most often entirely accurate – is that professional journalists require an ungodly amount of caffeine to function, and drink even more alcohol than that.

As a reporter, a coffee addict and a beer snob, it is only fitting that I love Brew, the hybrid coffee shop/beer boutique on the corner of 15th and Mifflin streets in South Philadelphia. Brew is where I grab a much-needed pick-me-up iced coffee before a Flyers game. It’s where I transcribe interviews and write stories for And, most enjoyably, it is where I shrug off a long week of work on summer Fridays, people-watching with a beer (or two) in hand. There’s something to be said for all that; how many places are both conducive to work and suitable for play?

I don’t recall how I discovered Brew, but growing to love it has changed my perception of the city and its neighborhoods. Brew opened up the entire Newbold area to me, which then extended across Broad Street to East Passyunk, which led me even farther east to Pennsport. But any bike ride in the direction of the stadiums always involves a stop – or ends up – at 15th and Mifflin.

And for good reason: You can drink good coffee. Or craft beer. Or good coffee and craft beer. And you can do it alone or with friends, whatever your mind and soul are in need of.


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    I love this so much.

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    yay brew yay sarah javvy love Brew javvy love Sarah javvy love what sarah writes about brew let’s go get sushi!


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