How to turn a country girl into a city girl

Lindsay V.
Favorite Spot/Neighborhood/Address: Old City

I Am: a part time student, full time employee.
Years in Philly: 3
Current Home: Havertown, PA


My Love Note

Dear Philly,

You know, before I met you, I didn’t care too much for cities. In fact, I was a country girl. Can you believe that? I was a country girl. I grew up in a backwards little town up in the mountains and was pretty sheltered until I took the plunge into your streets. That was three years ago and I haven’t looked back. Since then, I have thoroughly explored almost every neighborhood, but none of them really spoke to me like Old City did. The beauty and history that Old City has made me change my perspective of you, Philly. You could almost say it made me do a full one-eighty. It even made me start to defend you to my friends who try to say bad things about you. Shame on them!

I could walk around Old City all day, every day, week after week. The architecture that can be seen from getting off the train at Market East to Penn’s Landing makes the walk totally worth it. The cobblestone stretch from 6th and Chestnut to 5th and Chestnut make Independence Hall that much more appealing. History tours? Psh. Just sit in the park and look at the building. Think about all of the people that sat in the park and looked at the building before you did. Makes you feel kind of small, doesn’t it?

When it comes down to it, what I’m really trying to say is thanks. I want to thank you, Philly, for opening my eyes to a bigger world and for inspiring me to go out and do new things. It’s not an easy task to turn a country girl into a city girl in such a small amount of time, but who else could manage it if not you?

Love always,

Lindsay V Old City 5Lindsay V Old City 3Lindsay V Old City 2Lindsay V Old City 1Lindsay V Old City 7Lindsay V Old City 6

(Editor’s Note: Lindsay was kind enough to drive through crazy traffic to meet me for all of five minutes before it started pouring. I took some photos of her in front of Independence Hall, which I promptly lost. Each of these posts should feature the writers, and I apologize for not being able to include Lindsay.)

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    Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the good spirit.


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