What changed Laura Luttrell’s life? The Starbucks on 4th and South

Laura Luttrell
Favorite Place: South Street (more speficially the Starbucks on the corner of 4th)
Address: 347 South Street
Neighborhood: Society Hill

I am: A lover of all things cozy and caffienated. And also a severe addict of witty British TV shows
Years in Philly: Visiting since I was a child
Current Home: Boyfriend lives in Northeast Philly ( I basically live there), but technically West Chester


My Love Note:

Dear Starbucks on the corner of 4th and South Street,

You have changed my life. No really, you have in the greatest possible way. Not just because you make bangin coffee, or because the baristas are cool as hell. Your spot brought forth the single greatest thing to ever happen to me in my life.

First off let me just sing the praises of South Street for a hot second. From your delicious restaurants, to your quirky gift shops, and all of the friendly guys with skrillex hair and gauges in between, I have been hopelessly in love with you since my first time visiting (age 7.), which is why this is the perfect setting to my story.

Flashback two years ago. I was in the darkest place I had ever been in my life. Due to stress from my relationship at that time, I was depressed, anxiety ridden, and felt completely alone. I was a shell of a human. I had spoken to no one about how miserable I truly was. I would go to South Street alone on my days off and just walk. It was the only time I felt ok during that period.

Enough of the sad shit though, the good part is coming up. I had noticed on facebook that my old friend Justin from college had, a few moths prior, split up from his long term girlfriend. (Side note- Justin was the funniest person I had ever known in my life.) We used to smoke cigs outside our dorm all the time, and he would just make me laugh so much. In college he had a mowhawk, wore black skinny jeans, and never was without a cup of coffee. We had lost touch after college though. I wondered if he was doing ok, and something in me thought to reach out and message him, just asking if he wanted to catch up and get coffee. And what better place than the Starbucks on 4th and South.

It was the brightest day I had seen that year, and it being February, it was exceedingly rare. I had gotten there early and was waiting out front looking for him eagerly. Then I saw him. Wearing his ‘boys don’t cry’ t- shirt, and literally strutting down South Street, with a huge smile on his face. I ran up to him and he gave me the biggest and tightest hug, from which I felt my whole body just relax. I laughed more in the two hours we were there and felt happier than I had in the past three years of my relationship. I opened up to him about everything. I got the courage to end my relationship, and have not looked back since.

Justin and I became the closest of friends, and many months later ended up getting together (and still are). He is my angel, and my other half. As Dumbledore said, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” So in conclusion, I owe you Starbucks on South Street, all of the happiness and light in my life. Hopefully someone else will also have a life changing experience through your doors.

Yours in gratitude and love,
Laura Luttrell


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6 Responses to What changed Laura Luttrell’s life? The Starbucks on 4th and South

  1. allitia

    What a great story! I love that Starbucks and everything else on South Street, too. Also had similar reactions to being on South Street–although for me it was in the late 80’s-early 90’s–but exactly the same experience of feeling so relieved and happy and hopeful walking among the mohawks, rockers, hippies, and general pandemonium of human expression. You and Justin are beautiful and I hope you enjoy many lattes together at 4th & South!

  2. laura luttrell

    thank you so much allita!! south st is the best and will always be one of my favorite places <3

  3. Justin Matkowski

    This is the sweetest thing ever, beautiful! You changed my life in the best possible way, sweetheart! You are my whole heart, and my best friend. There is no one else like you in the entire world, and I can’t wait for every awesome moment we get to spend together 🙂

  4. Melissa Zirolli

    LOVE this so much!!! Makes me so happy!

    • laura luttrell

      love you meliss!!! <3

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