John Fazio’s daily reminder at Penn’s Landing

John Fazio
Favorite Spot: The old ship-cleats on the dock at Penn’s Landing. When you walk down the concrete “deck” of penn’s landing there are these massive ship cleats sunken into the deck with ledge seating around it.
Neighborhood: Penn’s landing
Address: Columbus Blvd. and Market Sts

I am: A software engineer from northern liberties with an appreciation for our waterways.
Years in Philly: 7 years down-town, my whole life in the NE burbs
Current Home: Northern Liberties


My Love Note:

This love note is not for the place in which I sit, it’s for what I see; the Delaware River. Looking south along your curves that flow under steel and through concrete mountains, I visualize where you outlet to the Atlantic under Cape May and I am humbled. I am reminded that while our city can feel so large, so important, so centric, it is but a spec of land on a much larger rock sustained by a lifeblood that is you. I am reminded that we are all connected, that we all share something. I love and appreciate you for that daily reminder. Hopefully one day all Philadelphians will know and celebrate your beauty.

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