The blog comes full circle as Jen Killius writes a love note to Johnny Goodtimes’ Quizzo at the Ugly American

Jen Killius
Favorite spot: Ugly American
Neighborhood: Pennsport
Address: 1100 South Front Street, 19147

I am: A Health Policy Research Analyst by day, and an avid reader, drinker, runner and crossfitter by night.
Years in Philly: 1.5
Current Home: Queen Village



My Love Note: A Midwestern girl at heart, I moved to Philly about a year and a half ago to be with my then boyfriend, now fiance, Jon. When Jon and I first met, I lived in Ohio and would fly to Philly twice a month to visit him. When I finally got the guts to quit my job and move 800+ miles away from my friends and family, I was a little lonely. I had Jon, and a handful of acquaintances that I had met from the internet, but no one that I really felt comfortable with. One night, a few strangers posted about a special Sex and the City themed Quizzo. I had heard about this so-called “Quizzo” (which I continued to argue existed in other cities. Ohio has pub trivia, dammit!), but never was able to play much because we didn’t have enough interested friends.

On a whim, I nervously agreed to meet up with two almost-strangers at a huge college bar in University City to play a one-off Quizzo about a very very girly show. While the quizzo itself turned out to be terrible, I had so much fun laughing and drinking with these new friends that it made the whole thing worth it. We all decided to try out quizzo again, and went to a handful of other quizzes with different hosts all around the city. However, none of those Quizzos felt right; some were too easy, some were too obscure and hard, others were at bars that sucked.Finally, we agreed to try a Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo at Ugly American in Pennsport one Thursday. After one quiz with him, we were smitten and have been regulars at his quizzes for over a year (go go #SHARKTOBERFEST!), attending Quizzo Bowls and earning coveted spots in seasonal invitationals.

Quizzo is entertaining, it’s hard, it’s humbling and it’s hilarious. It’s also the way I met some of my best friends in this city. Quizzo gives us a reason to meet over drinks and catch up every week, even when our lives are chaotic and busy. It gives us memories, like that epic round where Jackie knew every single top 20 pop song or the time only three of us showed up and we ended up beating every team by 30 points. We’ve bonded with our regular servers, who know exactly what we drink (powers on the rocks, diet coke). It gives me a reason to leave the house on a weeknight when I’d rather just stay on the couch in pajamas. And sometimes, SOMETIMES, we’re lucky enough to walk away with a win that pays for the entire evening of excess.

Sure, other cities have pub trivia, but only Philly has Quizzo. It’s an institution and something I look forward to each and every week. (Also, Johnny Goodtimes is the best host, not that I’m biased!)






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