In just ten days Philly Beer Week manages to make this city even more special

Jordan Price
Favorite Philly Spot: Each of the participating bars during Philly Beer Week

I Am: Delco-raised, a recently graduated Quaker, and a SEPTA-sponsored Philly explorer
Years in Philly: 2
Current Home: Fitler Square

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My Love Note

Dear Philly Beer Week,

Waking up to you is like Christmas, my birthday, and the first day of Rumspringa all rolled into one. And, the best part is, you’re not a week at all. You’re ten glorious days nestled carefully on the tail end of spring when luxurious libations flow freely throughout Philly. Something about you brings out the best in people, transforming surly barkeeps and jaded beer snobs into children again, approaching each rare and unique brew with reverence and wonder. Sips are shared and bonds are formed, and there are few bonds more sacred than those created over awe-inspiring ales and breathtaking bocks.

There’s no way you could know the effect you have on this city. You bring people out of their shells, inviting them to brave the sweaty outdoors for some of the season’s first beer gardens. You entice brewers from every corner of the world to experience the greatest beer week known to mankind. Beers that have never been seen outside of small German villages suddenly pop up in Brauhaus Schmitz, while Monk’s Café manages to obtain one-offs that seldom make their way from the West Coast.

Fans follow the Hammer of Glory with devotion, as they dine, dance, and (of course) drink their way through ten debaucherous days. We take our (Northern) Liberties at Standard Tap, pucker up with Brettanomyces buddies at Varga and Tria Taproom, go West (Philly) for wild parties at City Tap House and Local 44, and soak up suds in South Philly at P.o.P.E. Nomadic hopheads scour the city for the best, rarest, and wildest beers, becoming expert SEPTA passengers or every cab-driver’s dream. You foster collaboration (beers), bringing brewers and drinkers together in celebrations of sours and stouts. And then, as all good things do, you end, leaving us thirsty for more. Gone, but not forgotten, we spend the next 355 days preparing (our livers, our wallets, our vacation time reserves) for your return. In just ten days per year, you manage to make this city even more special than it already is. And for that, you have my undying love.

Your Faithful Fan Forever, Jordan

Jordan Price Philly Beer Week 2

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