I’m in love with Philly too!

Amelia Diaz
Favorite Spot: All of Philly

I Am: Amelia. A native Honduran. A lover of the outdoors, ethnic foods, sports, and creative minds.
Years in Philly: 5 months
Current Home: Old City.


My Love Note

I am in love with Philly. Me and my boyfriend came to visit Philly last year and this year we had a chance to change jobs and move. We decided to come to Philly. We were already pretty excited about it, but once we got here, it’s been better than expected. The highlight though, is how incredibly kind people are.

Our move happened within two weeks. We had one day to find an apartment. Normally, not an ideal situation but everyone we dealt with was so helpful and made it possibly for us to find a great place in such a short notice. We are not new to apartment hunting, it’s generally not the most pleasant experience. We loved how people in Philly made our experience great. Fast forward, when we moved in, a stranger on our street helped us move some of stuff in. At first we thought it was a bit creepy, maybe, but after moving our stuff in we went to a nearby bar and got welcome drinks, that was a solid… People in Philadelphia are kind and welcoming.

We have been here about a month and we love the city more each day. We went to dinner a few days ago and overhead some live music. There was was a band at Louis Khan, a beautiful park and wonderful music. It was romantic. We are always running into things like that. Always pleasantly surprised.

We love Philly. We love the food! We love all the local cafes! Coming from DC, we truly love that. It’s so refreshing to find a good place to have coffee and do some work that isn’t Starbucks.

We love Philly!


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