Confronting my fears at Ignite 12

The other week, I did something that totally terrified me. And by terrified, I mean the last time I tried to do it I ended up crying in a bathroom stall and not coming out till it was over. What was it? Giving a public presentation. When the guys behind Ignite Philly asked me to speak at Ignite 12, I only accepted because I had one drink too many at an inspiring Ignite 11. I was roped in, and anyway, there’s no better way of getting over a fear than confronting it head on — in front of 300 semi-drunk Philadelphians. Luckily I was talking about a subject I’m passionate about.

I gave a lightning five-minute talk about Philly Love Notes and the lessons learned from doing it. And they are as follows…

1. Do something that terrifies you (Ignite)
2. Be surprised (Beryl Belcher and Alison Dell)
3. Be open to new experiences (David Goodman and Holly Otterbein)
4. Appreciate your surroundings (Leah Kaufmann and Nathaniel Popkin)
5. Listen (Susanne Johnson and Emma Sicalowski)
6. Enjoy other people’s excitement (Matthew Sherman and Ralph Onesti)
7. Find your community (Timothy McKenna and Rudy Flesher)
8. Find someone who makes you laugh (Andrew-Lansie and Leigh-Aaron)
9. Find quiet (Zach Subar and Phil Jablon)
10. Learn someone’s history (Colleen Davis and Tom Petersen)
11. Document your own loves (Gate Lane and the Race Street Pier)
12. Take your friends out (Nick Goldberg and Dan Ueda)
12. Go out of your way (Jill Sybesma and Joel Mathis)
13. Eat liberally (Philly Phoodie and Polly Math)
14. Drink even more liberally (Tara Nurin, Nikki Volpicelli, Molly Eichel, Swabreen Bakr, Isabelle Heyward)
15. Fall in love (Shannon McDonald and Michelle Feldman)
16. Find your own spot (and if you do, submit a love note)

If you’re interested, the audio of my talk and all the others can be found on the Newsworks website.

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  1. Jaime

    Thanks for facing your fears! Loved and appreciated your talk at ignite12. I’ve been following your blog for awhile and fallen in love with this city more because of it! I moved to PA about 7 years ago from a small, mid-west town in the middle of the cornfield, I’m not even kidding. There is ONE stoplight in the county! Upon moving to NE philly, about 4 years ago from the suburbs, I ran across your blog in my search of things to do in Philly, etc. It has helped me appreciate, love, and explore Philly! All the points you shared in your talk have been developing in my life since moving here. Love it. Thanks again for all your work in sharing Philly Love!

  2. Emma Fried-Cassorla

    Thanks Jaime! Glad you like the site. With your new found Philly love, feel free to submit a note 😉


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