Hey Philly, in case you forgot, a few revolutionaries can change the world

Brett Mandel
Favorite Spot: All of it

I Am: a long-suffering Philly sports fan.
Years in Philly: 45
Current Home: Fitler Square

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My Love Note

Dear Philadelphia:

I love you for the sense of place you gave me.

Growing up among row after row of humble homes in the Great Northeast, I learned the oddly Philadelphia atty-tood that provides me with a combination of a chip on my shoulder and an inferiority complex. Spending too much time in Veterans Stadium and the Spectrum taught me that even when hopes are crushed, hope alone is reason enough to keep believing.

You made me understand that the actions of a few revolutionaries can change the world; that, given a puncher’s chance, one can overcome a rocky start to have a shot to become a champion, and that, no matter how close victory might appear (especially for my sports teams), defeat might be right around the corner.

You are often a hard place to love and, sometimes, that love is one-sided and unsatisfied. But, that makes it true love.

You’re a dirty city that still shines and a poor city that still has hope — a city of endless potential, no matter how many times we have failed to realize it.

I could never love another place like this.


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