It’s the murals that get you

Favorite Spot: Philly’s murals
Neighborhood/Address: All over

I Am: A transplanted Delawarean who really likes Philadelphia
Years in Philly: 0
Current Home: Just outside D.C.

My Love Note

Growing up in Delaware, I’ve always been a tourist in Philadelphia, with no real connections to it aside from the sports teams I root for and smiling when hearing the Action News theme. At least once a year, however, something will take me to Philadelphia – cheering on a sports team, seeing a concert, or meeting up with friends.

Since Philadelphia’s big, I always do my best to go and see different places every time. Which is why I don’t really have one favorite place in Philadelphia – I prefer to explore the new every time rather than return to the comfortable old.

But while I can’t key on one specific place, I can mention the murals just in general – as varied as they are, they’re a great constant no matter where I am. I can be walking in almost any part of the city, and be surprised with a fantastical landscape, or a memorial to a politician, or just a representation of everyday life. I’ve traveled to many different parts of the world, and I’ve never seen a city that does them the way Philadelphia does, and I adore how you can walk or drive or bus by and just see art, big and out in the open. And every time I visit, I find both old ones that I really like and new ones that surprise and enchant me.


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