Have you found the Tree of Concern?

Steve Perzan
Favorite Spot: Stone hidden behind the Please Touch Museum
Neighborhood: West Philly
Address: 4231 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia, PA 19131

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My Love Note


A stone.

In in the bushes behind the parking lot of the Children’s Museum.

It reads: TREE OF CONCERN. Where is the Tree?

Who is Margie Brown?  Should I know her?

And the Judge, The Honorable Harvey N. Schmidt, what has to do with all this?

What does, “An expression of Human Concern Born in the Black Community” mean?

What is the Human Concern? Is it a Black Concern?

Is it Racism?




Margie Brown must have been its founder.

Founder of what?

The Tree of Concern.

But where is that tree?

I ponder the TREE OF CONCERN


and move on.

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