I’m not really going to start posting about street art because it is covered thoroughly and beautifully by other sites (most notably, Conrad Benner’s streetsdept.com). However, I ran across this piece while biking down Christian St the other day (at 17th), and dragged my roommate back with me to take pics. It is amazing, and my picture does it no justice. 

The artist(s), Harlequinade, create their Gargoyles “as atuas of wrathful guardian spirits to be installed throughout the city. The philosophy being that their presence will affect the metaphysical energies of the local area and deter any predatory or violent spirits on the streets.” With that in mind I liked the idea of taking my own picture in front of it, sort of an image of protection. I keep thinking how I would like a collection of more people with this image enfolding them. I’ll be back to it with friends in tow (and armed with a small step stool).

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  1. Larae

    Wow! This blg looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but it has pretty much thhe same layout andd design.
    Wonderful choice of colors!


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