A home may change, but the Green Line Cafe remains

Favorite Spot: Green Line Cafe
Neighborhood: West Philly
Address: 4239 Baltimore Ave.

I am: a friend, a sister, a daughter, a strong voice with a soft heart, a philanthropist, a pharmacist, a romantic, a hiker, a cross fitter, and a shopper.
Years in Philly: 10
Current Home: Graduate Hospital

My Love Note, Dear Philly, I first discovered all you had to offer after moving for college 12 years ago and immediately felt a connection. Though my physical home changed many times, I still felt so much at home in you. As a college student going to a small, science school, I spent most of my time studying and doing work at Green Line Cafe. It soon became my second home – a place where I would study my notes for a big exam, write a paper for an English literature class, meet a friend for an intimate conversation, watch the many characters that strolled through, and have the strongest, most satisfyingly delicious cup of coffee in West Philly and, in my opinion, all of Philadelphia. I always looked forward to leaving with my clothes smelling of coffee and the delectable scent stuck to me all day. After college and post graduate training, my life was moved to Central Jersey for my job and for my (then) husband’s job. We got married, bought a house and moved away from our families to pursue new and exciting opportunities and to start our life together, create a new home. Needless to say, it never really did feel like home to me and two years later, I found myself getting a divorce, selling our house, and moving back to you, Philadelphia. And this time, I truly was home. I am now back near my friends and family, my support system. I have found the courage to try a new an exciting chapter in my life – pursuing a new career, buying a new home and immersing myself in all you have to offer. I find myself more in love with you than I ever was before. So much so that I truly want to make a difference and give back. I want to pay it forward to you, Philadelphia, for bringing me back to life. With Love, J. 

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