Can you write just one love note to Philadelphia?

Giuliano Andricola Alexander
Favorite Spot: Citizens Bank Park, Wells Fargo Center, Lincoln Financial Field, Reading Terminal Market, Old City, Penns Landing, Rittenhouse Square

I Am: A WCU graduate currently managing a boutique salon in Chester Springs looking for a way to move into the city
Years in Philly: 6
Current Home: Chester Springs

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My Love Note

It really is difficult to summarize my love for Philadelphia in one brief note. I come from two families of Philadelphians, one from the Northeast and the other from South Philly. Needless to say I was born a Philadelphian. As I have grown older I’ve learned to truly appreciate the historic value to our city (birth of the marines, liberty bell, cobblestone roads, old buildings). It’s nearly impossible to explain the jolt of nerves I feel as a I drive down 76 east past Boat House Row towards the Art Museum. Every time I hear the theme music to Always Sunny In Philadelphia and I gaze upon our skyline in amazement of its beauty wanting to burst tears of happiness.

Since I was a young boy going into the city was the most exciting adventure I could have! It usually meant I was going to watch Dawkins and the Eagles beat up on the Cowboys, or see Allen Iverson crossover the NBA’s best athletes with ease. I guess it’s easy to say my love of Philadelphia began with the McNabb/Eagles, Iverson/76ers, Lindros/Flyers, and Rollins/Phillies. It was at these places like Vet stadium or the First Union Center where I learned what it meant to be a real Philadelphian. The best part about the games is heading over to Tony Luke’s for a pork sandwich or cheesesteak right after with all of the rowdy energetic Philly fans.

Our city gets such a bad reputation, and it hurts me because I absolutely love and thrive on the passion of our blue-collar town. Outsiders just don’t understand our excitement and I believe it has led to a very poor representation of Philadelphia in the media. Philadelphia is a vastly underrated city in terms of history, art, culture, sports, food, and music. I suppose being a large city in the northeast means we are competing with the likes of New York and Boston, but Philadelphia is the perfect place (and our pizza is better than New York’s)!

When the Phillies won in 2008 I watched the city I love erupt like I have never seen before. It was incredible to see people of all ages, religions, color, and genders to come together as one to celebrate a long awaited accomplishment.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to Philadelphia if the Eagles won a Super Bowl. Would we become the friendliest city in the world, the happiest? That is what is so great about Philadelphia, we take an immense amount of pride in our cities achievements.

I have not lived in the most “historic square mile” city since I was a boy, but I am impatiently plotting on the day that I get to move back.

I love Philadelphia more than life itself as strange as that may seem, but I cannot help it. Philadelphia is who I am, it is a major part of my identity today and the history of my family.
Fly Eagles Fly

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