Federal Donuts

My favorite Sunday morning routine is sitting at the kitchen table with the NYTimes (sorry Inquirer), tea and Federal Donuts. Unfortunately, this never happens because of the following internal debate…

“Ok, you can only get one donut, and you have to bring it home so you can eat it while reading the paper”
“Fine, two donuts, but you’d better get on your bike with them”
“Did you really need to sit and eat one of them?”
“I know it was amazing, but you can get home while the other one is still hot and sit at the table and enjoy it.”
“Really, you can’t even get to your bike without eating the other?”
“No, you cannot go back and get more for your “roommate””

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  1. Chaucee

    Lol, those dang roommates. Always making you eat more fried food! 😀
    I’ve never been to Federal (mostly because I hear it has insanely long lines) but it sounds worth it!

  2. HannahFP

    hahahaha great post. Love the internal dabate


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