Everything one could desire at the Schuylkill Banks

Nanci George
Favorite Spot: Schuylkill Banks (behind the Art Museum)
Neighborhood: Art Museum

I Am: A nurse and yoga teacher who loves Philly’s fountains, sculptures, and murals. For more of Nanci’s writing, see Benches Where Angels Sit
Years in Philly: 10
Current Home: Wynnefield Heights, West Philly


My Love Note

Dear Schuylkill Banks,

You have everything I so desire. Riding my bike down Kelly Drive, I arrive at your side with glimpses of center city, the river, and the Art Museum. It’s busy but peaceful. I can go fast on my bike, and seek stillness on your benches. You support my family, while my grandson and I fish on your banks, and my daughter and I walk your trails. You were initially jealous when I brought my boyfriend here, but readily opened your arms to love. Your ground supports me and your beauty uplifts me.
We are so perfect together.


Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-9 Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-8 Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-7Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-4 Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-3 Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-2 Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-11 Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-10 Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-1Nanci-George-Schuylkill-trail-6Please note: Photos taken throughout the year


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  1. matt

    When my wife and I first started dating 1 the first places I had to take her was the Art museum area along the river. She loved it. It is indeed one of the most beautiful areas and most over looked spots of the city.


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