Eryn James’ love note to West Philly, her cradle since birth

Eryn James
Favorite Spot: West Philly

I am: A poet from West Philly with a passion for noticing where good things begin.
Years in Philly: My whole life!
Current Home: West Philadelphia


My Love Note:

I have passion for recognizing where the boiling belly full of love is,
You have the burnt remains of what used to hold everything beautiful,
You’ve been my cradle since birth,
Somewhere that I can always call home,
All space in your boiling belly for a black girl in need of home,
Always leaving room for me even after all the struggles people stomp into your skin of soot.
You are very much appreciated here.

(I cheated a bit and used photos from previous West Philly posts)Eryn-James-West-Philly-9Eryn-James-West-Philly-8Eryn-James-West-Philly-7 Eryn-James-West-Philly-6Eryn-James-West-Philly-3Eryn-James-West-Philly-1


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