Darla Jackson loves Greensgrow, a little farm in a big city

Darla Jackson
Favorite Spot: Greensgrow Farm
Neighborhood: Kensington
Address: 2501 E. Cumberland St. Phila, PA 19125

I am: a sculptor/Owner of the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym
Years in Philly: 9 years
Current Home: Fishtown


My love note:

Oh Greensgrow…I was so very excited when you came to town. A little bit of farmland in the middle of this part of the city…And you know what? Every year you just keep getting better, first with the garden center, then the chickens, then Milkshake (the pig)…and the amazing CSA/Farmer’s Market you put together every week! Le sigh…


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  1. Donna Marie Anderson

    I agree with you that Greensgrow is wonderful and it does keep getting better every year. One small thing, it’s in Kensington, not Fishtown. I say this as a proud native of Kensington.it has seen tough times but with the help of new and old neighbors it’s coming back.

    • Emma Fried-Cassorla

      You’re right. Noted and changed. Thanks for the heads up. -Emma


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