Home is at the Spiral Bookcase

Dana Dabek
Favorite Spot: The Spiral Bookcase
Address: 112 Cotton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127
Neighborhood: Manayunk

I Am: A nonprofit fundraiser/activist making a life in Manayunk.
Years in Philly: 2
Current Home: Manayunk


My Love Note

When I moved to Manayunk two years ago, I was looking to consciously create a better life for myself. I had ended the most difficult period of my, albeit relatively young, life and was desperately seeking a sense of community and belonging. Being a bookworm from the moment I could read, I was so excited my new community had a small, independent bookstore. When I first walked into the store, like the feeling from a warm hug, I knew I found my spot. In the months that followed, I went from anonymous browser to recognized regular to “Oh, that’s Dana. She doesn’t actually work here.” I eventually was hired at a local nonprofit, in a position that requires community connections. I remember clearly the day Ann, the store’s owner, took me to meet the rest of Main Street: the baker, the favorite bar owner, the shop owners, the neighborhood movers and shakers. It was an amazing gift. Today I feel a part of Manayunk in a way I never have anywhere else I have lived, the origins of which I owe 100% to Ann and her friendship. Walking into that bookstore helped me find home, and I have no doubt that magic is there for anyone who chooses to walk through its door.

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