The call of Philadelphia

Conley Easter
Favorite Philly Spot: Christ Church
Neighborhood: Old City
Address: 20 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

I Am: A Southeastern transplant and tour guide at Christ Church
Years in Philly: 1 and a half
Current Home: Manayunk

My Love Note

Dear Christ Church,

You sent out a call to me when I was unhappy and living at my old home in Homewood, Alabama. As a cradle Episcopalian I have always known about your history and significance in the founding of the nation and the Episcopalian Church. I answered your silent call July 1st, 2013 when I finally took the risk to be happy and move to Philadelphia. You made me feel at home immediately and soon you trusted me to be a steward of your incredible history as a tour guide. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to stay in my new city if you hadn’t selected me. I didn’t fully realize until recently, but no one chooses you, you choose and call them. I am so glad I heard you.

With all of my love and eternal gratitude,


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