Come back William, Philly misses you

William Hao-Wei Yang
Favorite Spot: South Street and Penn’s Landing
Neighborhood: Delaware River Waterfront and South Philly

I Am: A freelance photographer/writer currently missing Philly from across the Pacific
Years in Philly: 2
Current Home: Outside of Philly


My Love Note

I can remember the last time I woke up with tears all over my face, after dreaming of Philly. It may make me sound like a psycho, but that’s how much I miss the city that I now consider my ultimate home. Many people are surprised by the degree of obsession that I have for the City of Brotherly Love, but to me, there are so many reasons to call it home.

Two years ago, Philly welcomed me with its liberal atmosphere, and I was soon fascinated by its diversity. Throughout my two years there, I had many personal breakthroughs. For the first time in my life, I was able to be who I am, without worrying about being judged by anyone. The city’s tolerance for different cultures and communities allowed me to let go of the unnecessary concerns that I used to have in life.

I miss walking down the streets, and getting distracted by intriguing people or things. I miss hitting up different bars and restaurants throughout the city without worrying too much about being completely broke after a decent meal. But most importantly, my love for this city stems from my personal romance. I developed one of the most unforgettable relationships of my life, and all the places that we used to date are now deeply rooted in my memory. I miss those nights when we walked down to Penn’s Landing, regardless of the weather conditions. We sat by the riverbank and watched the amazing fireworks going off on the other side of the bridge. I miss our weekly grocery shopping at Whole Food’s down at South and 10th, with numerous silly fights over what to buy. Those little things in life make Philly, and they often come back to me at night, when I feel most lonely and helpless.

Philly has transcended into a source of support for me, and my goal of making it back to the city grows stronger as the days go by. It occupies a irreplaceable spot in my mind, even though now I have to browse through pictures to experience it. With ten more months of military service to fulfill, I’m ripping down my calendar, excited for the earliest day that I can return to your warm embrace. Philly, I hope by this time next year, our paths will cross again.


All Photos by William

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