The East Falls Bridge is gorgeous in its grittiness

Christine Holbert
Favorite Spot: East Falls Bridge
Neighborhood: East Falls

I Am: a runner, expert cupcake-eater, and non-profit worker
Years in Philly: 3
Current Home: East Falls

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My Love Note

Oh East Falls, you quiet gem. I grew up in the suburbs, only venturing into the city when I felt especially bold. But post-college I took a job in Kensington (another love note for another time), and found an apartment in East Falls with my best friend. We lived in a beautiful, crumbly old building, ran to the Kelly Drive every morning, and ordered our cheesesteaks from Chubby’s.

But I digress. When I moved in with my fiancé after one year in East Falls, we had to compromise on where to live. And by compromise, I mean I drank too many margaritas at Johnny Manana’s and cried until he agreed to come live in East Falls. I love the section of Kelly Drive and MLK Drive at the bottom of Midvale.

And I love the bridge that connects them. I run over it. I ride my bike over it. I always almost drop my phone over the edge of it. And every September we all get to dance on it, that old bridge. It’s not a beautiful bridge by any means, except that when the sun sets behind it the steel seems to light up. It’s gorgeous in its grittiness. Isn’t that what we all love about Philly?

See you in a few minutes, friend. I’m lacing up my running shoes now.

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  1. Jenna

    You are my favorite bridge


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