Campus Philly Love Notes: To the Lights of South Philadelphia

Editor’s note: The interns of Campus Philly share their most loved Philly spots and experiences as students in the City of Brotherly Love.

, Temple, 2013
Favorite spot: Anywhere under the lights
Neighborhood: Passyunk Square

I am: a student, a writer, an observer, a biker, an imagined traveler, an Austen admirer, and a Fitzgerald fanatic
Years in Philly: 2 1/2
Current home: North Philly

My love note: I hung a strand of Christmas lights around the island in my kitchen this season, but its glow could not compare to the shining bulbs suspended over the streets of South Philadelphia. Try as they might, the tiny orbs could not ignite in me the warmth of Southern hospitality that makes me open my eyes a little wider and smile a little easier.

To walk along streets of a world lit as though by fairies makes me feel safe. To wander along to the magical crooning of a singing fountain stirs up my childish imagination. To know the residents care about their neighborhood enough to refrain from throwing their shoes up over the lines makes me feel proud. But to know they care enough to keep their neighborhood beautiful and vibrant makes me want to take hold of someone’s hand, and keep exploring.
I could not imagine a neighborhood that more encourages love, and I could not imagine it any place other than Philly.

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(All photos by Skye Leppo)

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