The Art Museum steps are the ONE thing that Beryl Belcher shows all visitors

Beryl Belcher
Favorite Spot: As a child I fell in love with the center city library. I couldn’t stay out of there. Going to Hallahan School only fueled the fire. But one day, I walked to the Art Museum and sat on the steps and realized my city is most beautiful from there day or night.
Neighborhood: Art Museum
Address: 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130

I am: An investigator with the Defender Association of Philailadelphia who grew up in here, left and came back.
Years in Philly: Born here, and have returned. I’ve been back 19 years
Current Home: Mt. Airy


My Love Note:

I love my city because it’s quaint, it’s city life and it’s park and picnics all rolled into one. It’s art and theater and so very much in so many places. Philly talks to you in our murals and in our celebrations of those we’ve come to admire. Philly is an outdoor concert, a peek at ghost ships that fought to keep us free, or just the admiration of the liberty bell, which is so much smaller than one would expect. Philly doesn’t need the glitz because a class act is a class act.

I was once asked, “if I could show someone ONE thing in Philly, what would it be?” I knew I would take them to the top of the Art Museum steps and say, “Look. That’s my skyline, that’s Billy Penn not seeing all the skycrapers sneaking up on him, and those country flags show Philly’s diversity.”

We have all the sports, a hugh clothes pin and we still meet at the Eagle. I have found my favorite eateries, but a Philly pretzel is still the best. Even when I didn’t live here, I had to have chocolate Tastykakes, and someone to find me a Frank’s Black Cherry soda. I love my city, and the feeling that when I walk out my house I will always have something exciting to see both new and old.


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  1. Steve G.

    That’s a love note, all right. Well done.

  2. James

    Wonderful, thanks for brightening my day

  3. Stacey Wright

    Yes indeed a beautiful sight on a sunny day!!


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