Sometimes a bakery is what makes a home

Favorite Spot: Bredenbeck’s Bakery
Neighborhood: Chestnut Hill
Address: 8126 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118

I Am: A mom, fiancee, government employee and baker
Years in Philly: 26
Current Home: Mt Airy


My Love Note

Dear Bredenbeck’s,

You already know all this because I tell whoever is working behind the counter whenever I come in. Most of the people who work at Bredenbeck’s know me, and my son, and maybe even my fiancée by now. Bredenbeck’s isn’t just a bakery to me, it’s a little haven of sweetness and joy, a warm, friendly happy place that I can goif I’m having a terrible day or to just satisfy my sweet tooth. I don’t drink, caffeine or alcohol, so I don’t have a local bar that I go to, or a coffee house. Instead, I have my sweet sweet Bredenbeck’s. When I knew I was about to spend a week with my in-laws and I knew it was going to be rough, I went to Bredenbeck’s and said, “Ladies. I need a fat girl box.” And you took care of me. When I was in law school and it was beating the crap out of me, I went to Bredenbeck’s and said the same thing. I’ve said it a lot really, “Ladies (and occasionally gentlemen, Neil, Joel) I need a fat girl box.”

It’s hard to say what my favorite item is that you make. I love the miniatures, the little raspberry chocolate cups, mini eclairs and cannolis, and the tiny key lime pies. But I also love the cake pops with chocolate and peanuts. And, of course, the wonderful cuppycakes. Chocolate and peanut butter. I remember when you started putting out the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and I commented on Facebook that I was so excited. You wrote back, “We know how much you love peanut butter, Avi. This one was for you!” I nearly cried. There are so many times that I’ve come in after something bad or stressful has happened and you always have treats for me. Of course, sometimes I just come in because I want a sweet, and nothing bad has happened at all.

I’ve gotten more than just baked goods and ice cream from you too. For my 24thbirthday, friends got me a decorating class with your head sugar artist, and now my friend, Diana Anello. I’ve always been an avid baker, but Diana took what was to be a one hour class and spent more than three hours teaching me decorating techniques. Kevin and I are getting married in April and of course we’re having our cake tasting in a couple weeks. When I scheduled the appointment, the lady on the phone knew exactly who I was. When Kevin picked up my birthday cake in March, he was pleasantly surprised when the ladies behind the counter asked how our son’s reading was going (he’s six).

Oh, I could go on and on and on…

You are wonderful, Bredenbeck’s, and I love you.




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  1. Very Hungry Traveller

    What a great appreciation of how a local business can change the feeling of your neighborhood. A favorite memory from when my kids were little is the evening walk to Bredenbeck’s for ice cream cones and a visit to the Jenks Children’s Park. Several times a week in hot weather, and the ice cream cone line out the door was another way to stay in touch with our neighbors!

  2. stori weever

    do you still talk to niko? I miss niko


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