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Best of Philly 2015 Collaboration

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Each year I look forward to Philadelphia Magazine‘s “Best of Philly” issue. The waterfront has even won a few over the last couple of years (shout out to Spruce Street Harbor Park and the Race Street Pier)! I didn’t realize it, but the magazine has actually been doing this issue for over 40 years — oh how fun it would be to look back in the archives from the 70s.

This year Philly Love Notes and Philadelphia Magazine are doing a collaboration where you can submit a “Best of” love note for one of the categories below:

Best City Park
Best Neighborhood Bar
Best Late Night Restaurant
Best Museum

So, what are your favorite places in these categories? Send over your choice in the form of a love note (Need help? Here are 241 examples). This is a chance to highlight some of the hidden gems in the city that you have a real connection with. On June 8th, the Philly Mag editors and I will comb through the submissions and the best note in each category will run in the August issue of Best of Philly! If you’ve been procrastinating on that Philly Love Note, now’s the perfect time to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

Submissions can be made directly through the blog or via email to phillylovenotes@gmail.com. For those of you still writing on paper, and I really really hope there are some of you out there, mail them to me at 2036S 17th St, 19145.

FINE PRINT: Please limit the love notes to 200 words

SECOND FINE PRINT: The editors reserve the right to edit some submissions for space reasons

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Love Note #241: Philadelphia and Mexican food

Julie Hancher
Favorite Philly Place: The Taquerias – El Jarocho, Jose’s Tacos, Que Chula Es Puebla & Mas.

I Am: A writer, social media professional, advocate for sustainability & lover of Philly
Years in Philly: 7 years, grew up in the Philly ‘burbs almost my whole life
Current Home: Bella Vista

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Philly Set Go Talk on March 5

Occasionally opportunities come up for me to speak at events about Philly Love Notes. Aside from being terrified of public speaking (see Ignite Talk for reference), I’m sometimes unsure of how this project fits into larger political or media conversations. However, when Philly Set Go recently asked me to speak at an event that they’re hosting this Thursday, March 5th from 6:30-8:30, I thought it could be a really interesting collaboration.

Philly Set Go, along with the 5th Square, are two relatively recent additions to the Philadelphia political sphere that have piqued my interest.

  • Philly Set Go is a non-partisan political action committee with a simple mission: encourage millennials to become more involved in local politics so that city government is more responsive to our concerns, particularly improvements to quality of life, job growth, and education.
  • The 5th Square is a political action committee organized within the State of Pennsylvania to advocate for smart policy for transportation, public space, land use, and better governance in Philadelphia.

In the past, I’ve been generally apolitical, in part because of my work — I don’t want my personal interests to be in any way confused with my organization’s positions — and in part because the political system has seemed untouchable — how could I possibly affect change in the city? What I’ve learned, and what I’ll be talking about is how we can make changes in the city from within, both by voting with feet and dollars, and in our choice of work, play, and personal projects.

So please come join and support a great organization that can help us make this a great city.

Details: Philly Set Go (part 2)
When: Thursday, March 5th from 6:30-8:30
Where: La Colombe, 1335 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125

The Inquirer just wrote up a piece about millennial political involvement in Philly that at the very least has a very “lively” comments section (what else is new?).

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Love Note #240: Home on Jeweler’s Row

Liz Idalena Higgins
Favorite Spot: Jeweler’s Row
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: Sansom Street between 7th and 8th

I Am: Philly Lover and Jewelry Maker, former citizen of South Africa, Beekeeper, Tailor, SCUBA, etc.
Years in Philly: 30-4=26!
Current Home: Fairmount


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My Annual Philly Love Note 2015 Edition

Emma Fried-Cassorla
Favorite Place: Delaware River Waterfront (but I’m biased)

I am: A lover of the waterfront, blogger, Philly-girl, twin, friend, giver of good gifts, closeted romantic, biker.
Years in Philly: 32 minus 5
Current Home: S. Philly (even farther South than last year)

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#whyilovephilly Twitter Campaign 2015

It’s that time of year again. No, not Valentine’s Day, but #whyilovephilly Day!!

The mission is simple: To show Philly some love. Last year, thousands of organizations and individuals participated in the #whyilovephilly Twitter campaign (4000 tweets, 2000+ participants, 9 Million impressions). This year, the #whyilovephilly website (www.whyilovephilly.com) is live, and will serve as the hub for Instagram and Twitter feeds. Please join us again this year.

How you can participate: On Valentines Day, tweet about why you love philly, using #whyilovephilly. Ask your followers to do the same. Retweet some of your favorite responses. It’s that easy.

#whyilovephilly twitter 2015#whyilovephilly twitter 2015

(we want Twitter to look like this all day)

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Love Note #238: The Art Museum steps bring out the tourist in a Philadelphian

Sunny Morgan
Favorite Spot: Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
Neighborhood: Art Museum
Address: 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA 19130

I Am: High School senior with a passion for writing and other artsy things
Years in Philly: 17 (all my life)
Current Home: West Philly

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Love Note #237: Home is at the Spiral Bookcase

Dana Dabek
Favorite Spot: The Spiral Bookcase
Address: 112 Cotton Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127
Neighborhood: Manayunk

I Am: A nonprofit fundraiser/activist making a life in Manayunk.
Years in Philly: 2
Current Home: Manayunk

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I’ll admit that I’m a huge sucker for design blogs and websites, especially Design Sponge, which seems to be the mother of all design blogs. I was recently listening to their podcast series called After the Jump, specifically Episode 91 on How to Create Content.

I’ve always struggled with adding “extras” to the blog (especially as I think about redesigning the site) in part because I’m a one-woman operation, and also because I’m not sure what would complement the love notes. I have to admit though that the podcast was pretty inspiring. In it, Grace Bonney, the editor of Design Sponge, goes through a simple list of how to create content:

BIG 10 CATEGORY OF POSTS (my thoughts for Philly Love Notes in parentheses):
1. How-to or Instructional posts (How to navigate the underground concourse, How to properly take home the other half of a hoagie, etc.)
2. Informational/History/Background (What is the history of some of the love note sites)
3. Reviews (New restaurants, shows, built environment — not really my cup of tea, but there are tons of great reviewers in the city)
4. List of Resources (Skyline views, best place to buy tokens when you don’t have cash, where to get Philly news, etc.)
5. Interviews (Write out some of the love note meetings)
6. Visual Tours or Photo Essays (Already got this one mostly covered with the love notes themselves, but maybe it could also include tours of places without love notes)
7. Roundups or Best-ofs (Best coffee shops to cowork in, best streets to run on, you get the idea)
8. Commentary on Current Trends (Not so sure about this one)
9. Link Lists (Great things happening in Philly, interesting articles, beautiful photos, cool Philly-made items — I’ve always imagined this as a bi-weekly email)
10. Podcasts or videos (No)

1. Day in the Life (Sort of a Humans of NY for Philly)
2. Guest Posts (Tons of great bloggers in Philly. Would love to see how they would approach love notes)
3. Personal/Brand Manifesto (I do this every Valentine’s Day plus a couple throughout the year)
4. Favorite Place/Person/Thing (See link list — expand upon some of those mentions)
5. Sharing Your Tools (Hmmm… not so sure I have tools. It’s pretty scattershot)
6. Sharing Failures and Successes (That I can do)

Thinking about content this way opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for the site. The questions are:
Do these additions detract from the love notes?
Am I actually a trusted source for Philly-related things?
How do I link up with people who could do many of these posts better than I could (reviews, how-tos, etc.)?
How do you design a site to incorporate this all?
Is there even time?
Does anyone care?

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions about what you’d like to see? I would love some feedback.

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Love Note #: 236 A house is not a home unless you live on Judson Street

Rachel Isenberg
Favorite Spot: Judson Street between Aspen and Brown
Neighborhood: Fairmount

I Am: A neighbor, friend, tennis coach, mentor, language instructor, life adventurer. No order – all in one 🙂
Years in Philly: 6
Current neighborhood: Fairmount

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