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Giving back this year

[UPDATE: We raised $4725 dollars!!]

Now more than ever, I feel a need to give back to my community, so I’ll be donating ALL of the profits from map sales from now (4:39PM on November 23) through 11:59PM, November 29. It’s an opportunity to buy a holiday gift and give back to some great Philadelphia non-profits (see the Philly Love Notes Etsy shop for more details).

Philly love notes map

Your purchase of a custom Philly map will be a donation to the following organizations:

Sunday Breakfast Mission: The Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission serves the homeless through two locations in Philadelphia: a meal service program serving three meals a day to anyone in need and men’s shelter in Center City and a transitional home for women in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. The Center City shelter also houses a long-term recovery program for men. The Mission does not receive government funding and relies on the generous contributions of caring individuals, families, churches and businesses. Donations are supplemented with income from two thrift stores.

Fairmount Park Conservancy: Fairmount Park Conservancy works as a collaborative partner to lead and support efforts which preserve and improve the Philadelphia parks and recreation system in order to enhance the quality of life and stimulate economic development of the Greater Philadelphia Region. We fulfill our mission by leading capital projects and historic preservation efforts, fostering neighborhood park stewardship, attracting and leveraging resources for the parks, and developing innovative programs throughout the 10,200 acres that include Fairmount Park and more than 100 neighborhood parks around the city.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Pennsylvania: The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, membership organization dedicated to defending and expanding individual rights and personal freedoms throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania. Through advocacy, public education and litigation, our staff and volunteers work to preserve and enhance liberties grounded in the United States and Pennsylvania constitutions and civil rights laws. Among those liberties are freedoms of speech, religion and association; the right to petition the government; separation of church and state; the right to privacy; reproductive freedom; due process of law; the rights of the accused; and the right to equal treatment under the law.

The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia: The Fund for the School District of Philadelphia is an independent 501(c)3 not for profit organization that serves as a fiscal intermediary between the private sector and the Philadelphia public education system. We are the only philanthropic organization that works directly with school leadership to align the investments of partners—private foundations, corporations and businesses, community organizations and individual donors—with the strategies that will impact the success of students attending our neighborhood public schools.

Black Star Film Festival: The BlackStar Film Festival is an annual celebration of the visual and storytelling traditions of the African diaspora and of global indigenous communities, showcasing films by black people from around the world.

People’s Emergency Center: The People’s Emergency Center’s mission is to nurture families, strengthen neighborhoods and drive change in West Philadelphia. PEC offers more than 250 affordable housing units, job training, parenting and early childhood education, financial education and planning, life skills and technology coursework. PEC seeks to change the life trajectory for the women and children who seek its services and inspire them to aspire to new heights.

Asian Arts Initiative: Connecting cultural expression and social change, Asian Arts Initiative uses art as a vehicle to explore the experiences of Asian Americans and the diverse communities of which we are a part. Located in Philadelphia’s burgeoning Chinatown North neighborhood, Asian Arts Initiative is a multidisciplinary arts center offering exhibitions, performances, artist residencies, youth workshops, and a community gathering space. Here, all people — across experience and skill levels, age, race, and class backgrounds — can view and create art that reflects our lives, as well as think critically and creatively about the future we want to build for our communities.

PLEASE NOTE: At a certain point I will max out on the number of maps I can produce in time for the holidays. If that happens, I’ll send along postcard to be used as a placeholder until the map can be made. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

PLEASE NOTE #2: If you’re interested in donating to any of the above organizations, click the link to go directly to their donations page. 

Philly Love Notes map

Philly Love Notes map

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Love Note #300: With all my love

Emma Fried-Cassorla
Favorite Spot: Anywhere along the Delaware River Waterfront (but I’m biased)

I Am: A Philly lover and resident, Montana lover and former resident, twin, Philly Love Notes, Communications Manager for the Delaware River Waterfront, hiker, climber, traveler, papercutter, iPhone addict, handwritten note taker, Crohn’s patient, scientist, lover of the Race Street Pier and slippers and family
Years in Philly: Off and on for 33 (I was 30 when I started!)
Current home: A studio loft in Callowhill with my lovely boyfriend whom I’m never supposed to talk about online (but am breaking the rules this one time)

final post 2

My Love Note

Dear Philly,

When I started this blog, I wasn’t a Philadelphian. I am now.

I’ve seen the joy and ass-kicking that this city deals out. I’ve been through sweat-soaked summers and foot-deep blizzards. I’ve moved from Mt. Airy to East Passyunk to Point Breeze and now to Callowhill. I left and came home, left and came home. But what makes me a Philadelphian is the people I’ve met through this project. The hundreds of people who have written love letters, my social media friends, #whyilovephilly enthusiasts and others who are proud to call this city their home.

At Love Note #300, it seemed fitting to end. The blog has served its purpose and seen this city through its transformation. It will remain as an archive of 300 reasons why people have loved here, have left and returned, have longed to live here again, or who have made it through tough times with this city as their North Star. I can only imagine that there are thousands more.

There are other ventures in the works, social media sites to continue, maps to make and #whyilovephilly parties to throw, which I hope will continue to inspire a deep affection for this city.

So (I’m raising my metaphorical glass here)… goodbye Philly Love Notes. What a wonderful ride it’s been. Here’s to many more years of Philly love.



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Love Note #299: And so we conclude

Cynthia Schmitt

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Love Note #298: Port Royal Road, Chamonix Drive, Kitchen’s Lane, River Road, George’s Hill Drive, and more

Bella Hondros
Favorite Spot: Andorra’s Port Royal Road
Neighborhood: Andorra

I Am: A student who likes back roads
Years in Philly: 14
Current Home: Andorra

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Love Note #297: Guesses for the most sensory overload in Philly?

Stevie Black (ex-pat files)
Favorite Spot: Italian Market, but only by a little.
Neighborhood: South Philly
Address: 9th Street from Washington to Christian

I Am: A surface and textile designer on Boston’s Northshore (presently) who went to art school in Philly.
Years in Philly: 14
Current Home: Swampscott MA

A photo posted by Elias Baldino (@efb727) on

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Love Note #296: Hey Philly, in case you forgot, a few revolutionaries can change the world

Brett Mandel
Favorite Spot: All of it

I Am: a long-suffering Philly sports fan.
Years in Philly: 45
Current Home: Fitler Square

A photo posted by Stefan (@stef.c.photo) on

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Love Note #295: A Philly love story

Steve Silvasy
Favorite Spot: So many spots…

A photo posted by Andy O'Dore (@andyodore) on

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Love Note #294: A city made of murals

Susie Dent
Favorite Spot: Mural Arts Mile

I am: Philly native, now residing in London, England
Current Home: London

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Love Note #293: You’ve probably never heard of Wissinoming Park…

Shannon MacDonald
Favorite Spot: Wissinoming Park
Neighborhood: Northeast

A photo posted by B Kane 🎱 (@northphillykane) on

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Love Note #292: A city laid bare

Alon Abramson
Favorite Spot: Belmont Plateau
Neighborhood: Fairmount Park West
Address: 2000 Belmont Mansion Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19131

I Am: All about ways to create more livable and equitable cities. I’ve expressed this passion by starting a running club, getting involved in local non-profits and trying to promote a sustainable future in Philadelphia.
Years in Philly: 8
Current Home: Cedar Park

A photo posted by George (@ozarc) on

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