If my home couldn’t be near Sarcone’s Deli at least it could be my homescreen

Ashley Hahn
Favorite Spot: Sarcone’s Deli
Neighborhood: Bella Vista
Address: 734 S 9th Street

I am: a planner, preservationist, writer, maker, grower, and beagle enthusiast.
Years in Philly: On and off since 2005. Happily on again since 2011.
Current home: Bella Vista

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My love note

During our Brooklyn exile, I kept a photo of the southwest corner of 9th and Fitzwater as the background on my iPhone. If my home couldn’t be near Sarcone’s Deli at least it could be my homescreen. Sarcone’s says it’s home of the kick-ass hoagie. It is that and more. The matriarch who used to work the counter – who might slip you a sip of lager in a Dixie cup – would remember my name, associating it with “The Young and the Restless.” Joe, one of the sandwich sculptors, has always remembered my face. When I told him we were moving away he said we’d see each other a few times a year, assuming I’d be home for holidays. When I walked back in after a two-year hiatus, he looked up and asked me how and where I’d been. Welcome home. My everyday hoagie pick is a medium Sonny’s Special with Turkey. I can’t resist hunks of sharp provolone with roasted reds. Call ahead (215) 922-1717 or check the webcam for lines at lunchtime

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