Inspiration found on the Ben Franklin Parkway at Moore College

Amanda White
Favorite Spot: Moore College (more specifically the Youth Programs)
Neighborhood: Center City
Address: 1916 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

I am: A yoga loving program coordinator who is inspired by all things art related.
Years in Philly: Two blissful years spent at Moore College
Current Home: I consider myself to be an honorary Philadelphian! I commute from Jersey to lovely Philly every day!


My Love Note

Dear Youth Programs at Moore College,

I love you so much for so many different reasons! I would like to touch on three points of particular appreciation; the students, faculty, and Moore College as a community.

The students are the heartbeat of our programs, the driving force behind why I absolutely love the work I do. Our students are bold, expressive, resilient, open hearted and innovative. These young people come from various towns and states electively to nurture their artistic growth. The communities they form amongst themselves are complex and inspiring. Our students express themselves in thoughtful and mature-minded ways through the art that they make. Often, students establish connections with peers and faculty that they take with them beyond the end of classes, and into their daily lives. I love seeing first time students who may start out feeling timid, but blossom vibrantly during the first few weeks through engaging with the work they are doing in class and relationships being built with new friends as well as faculty. I love interacting with our students and am moved to support their artistic endeavors in any way that I can.

Our faculty members are the hands on conductors of what makes our programs so special. They have diverse backgrounds as educators and working artists; the experiences that they bring to our programs profoundly enriches and impacts the lives of our young people. Our faculty members take on mentorship roles intuitively and extend themselves graciously to help aid in the artistic growth and process of their students.

Lastly, Moore College itself is a truly remarkable site to host our programs. Moore is located on The Parkway with access to other important cultural institutions such as The Academy of Natural Sciences and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The campus is bright and welcoming; the hallways resonate with vibrations of endless possibilities in pursuit of self-expression. The Moore community unites in supporting our young people through recognition and encouragement of their creative journey. Moore faculty and staff work collaboratively to provide unique and ongoing opportunities for our students in efforts to fully include them in the experience of being on campus.

I am so grateful for Moore and the Youth Programs community. Our students inspire me every day and I am fortunate to work with the greatest group of people. Moore is a community that invites you to come as you are and encourages the exchange of thoughts, ideas and insights. The opportunity to give our young people a safe space to connect with their expressive selves through art inspires me each and every day!

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(Youth Program Director Natalie Payne at left, Amanda White at right)

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  1. Carmela Colon-White

    So inspiring!!!

    It’s wonderful to love something that you do each and every day and see the beauty, reason and the enrichment that it brings.

    Keep loving what you do!!!


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