A reminder that every day is a chance to enjoy the hell out of life

Mike Jackson
Favorite Spot: Not really a spot. Even better. The Phillie Phanatic

I Am: alrightmike.com
Years in Philly: I’ve lived in Philadelphia since 2009 (but was here for college, and my family is from Mayfair)
Current Home: Fairmount


My Love Note

Dear Phillie Phanatic,

You serve as constant reinforcement in the power of positivity – an honest reminder that every day is a chance to enjoy the hell out of life. The way you announce yourself to a stadium of people with the same enthusiasm that my two year-old niece expresses how high she got on the swing? I can’t get enough of it.

I’ve been stuck to my seat at the stadium on August afternoons, with sunscreen and sweat mixing together in my eyeballs, and the Phils down by eight runs. Like clockwork, you’ve brought me back to life more times than I can count – burning rubber out of right field on your ATV like a bat out of hell, arriving in the knick of time to smash a batting helmet from the opposing team in front of their dugout, or to fire cured meats into the crowd with your hot dog gun. You’re always there to remind me that a tough day at the ballpark is still better than anything else on the planet – even when you have a costume malfunction and have to run across the field in your birthday suit.

You throw your belly around at opposing teams, send black magic towards their pitchers from atop the Phillies’ dugout, and generally put a wrench into anyone’s idea of what “another day at the yard” is – all in the name of sheer joy. As the seasons turn cooler and the boys of summer go into hibernation, you remind all of us that our time together is finite, and we’ve got to make the most of it. You are an artisan of happiness, and you are distinctly and entirely ours.


P.S. Being that I’m an illustrator, I decided to do some drawings of you.

Mike-Jackson-Phillie-Phanatic-3Mike-Jackson-Phillie-Phanatic-2Mike Jackson drwaingSince Mike drew his love note, I decided to draw him (sorry in advance)


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