12:32AM … another shitty love note

Christian Monroe
Favorite Spot: Broad Street Diner
Neighborhood: South Philly
Address: 1135 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

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My Love Note

Can I write about a random street in Philadelphia? Is it possible to make a love note about one road that runs as a varicose vein through the heart of Philadelphia? Of course I’m talking about Broad Street. This amazing street that slices through the core of our city, spiting heartbreak and hope and everything that’s’ caught in the fuzzy part between.

Tonight my best friend cried on my arm in the Broad Street Diner. A relationship of 4 years was over. We had drinks in South Philly, took a fancy car as a taxi to South Street and drank some more. We made friends as often people do at a bar, collecting phone numbers, promising a rendezvous.. tonight was about rebirth, tonight was about change. Maybe my solution to his pain was to numb it.

But, over chicken tenders at the Broad Street Diner, my oldest friend, my rock cried, he crumbled before me. Something, I’ve never seen in a decade of our friendship. He kept thanking me for being there, I squeezed his arm.. but who am I? Definitely not someone who deserved thanks, or an award for being supportive. But at midnight, in a shitty diner in Philadelphia my friend cried to me, and I squeezed his hand. Promised him our friendship, promised him out of all the bad relationships, broken hearts, dreams that became TV ads of puffs of smoke that I would be there.. not just today but forever. Sometimes in the chaos of life I’m not sure who I am, but tonight I was someone’s friend. I guess in the end, I had purpose. A random story in a diner, on Broad street….

Philadelphia is a million stories on Broad Street. This street that cuts through our soul. I can’t explain fully what tonight meant, I can’t paint a picture or take a photo for social media… all I know is that on Broad Street at midnight, I was there for my friend. It’s something that I will remember forever. Philadelphia, a lot of lost memories, a lot of lost tears, a lot of hope for the future. Thank you.

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